We are an audiobook agent. We connect authors with narrators to produce audiobook editions that are sold on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

Each author is provided a dedicated webpage with preview and purchase links.

Untapped opportunity for authors

Since 2016, The growth of audiobooks has outpaced eBooks.

Audio is another (often neglected) source of income for an author.

Once it's available for sale on Audible, sales can result from thousands of libraries, Audible, Amazon, and iTunes.

While being an additional revenue source for authors, the increased exposure for the author and additional value to their readers is immediate.

Driven largely by Audible, audio books have doubled since 1997, becoming a billion dollar business. (Source: Wall Street Journal)

In an ever-increasing mobile society, audio books provide the means for individuals to consume content on-the-go. Nearly every smartphone is capable of running the Audible app. Most people carry smartphones with the ability to play audiobooks through the iTunes or Audible app that is available on every smartphone and table. Readers can listen to your book during a long commute, while at the gym, or during a run. Your audio book will always be a click away.

Wise Media Group provides a win-win for authors with all upside potential and zero upfront costs.

What makes an audiobook successful?

A good story.
A good narrator.

We find good stories from clients we've worked with. We identify the best narrator to produce the best program possible.


Royalties are paid out bi-annually.

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