The Tall Poppy Syndrome: Modern Guide to an Ancient Metaphor

Title: The Tall Poppy Syndrome: Modern Guide to an Ancient Metaphor

ISBN: 978-1629671123

Author: Douglas Garland, M.D.


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Countries: USA

Genre: Non-Fiction

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A Tall Poppy, in Australian terms, is someone noticeably successful as defined by wealth, prestige, prowess, rank or even birth that may attract hostility, envious attention, or malevolence. Some people holding this Tall Poppy person in contempt may attempt to cause failure or disgrace by “cutting” him or her “down to size”; thus causing their target to be “tall-poppied” as a victim of the “Tall Poppy Syndrome” (TPS). Awareness of TPS is rarely noted in the United States despite being documented in most countries using various metaphors, words, or phrases.

"My goal in writing about TPS and sharing my experiences with others is that readers of Tall Poppy Syndrome will learn about this syndrome and discover answers to these questions and more." This book describes the history of TPS, with a full section devoted to societal benefits of tall poppies and their qualities. Other chapters describe emotions and syndromes such as bullying and schadenfreude, both which have similarities to TPS, as well as examples of Tall Poppies, Fallen Poppies, including Fallen Poppies with the U.S. government as a cutter.

The rise of the group versus the individual, the population growth and the political scene increase the likelihood of opportunities for Tall Poppy Syndrome which has been uncommon in America. This book will aid readers in understanding the dynamics as well as some opportunities to thwart it.

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